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My interview with Dorothy Darr, Southwest Renewal ED

Heritage Greenway –

an interview with Executive Director of Southwest Renewal, Dorothy Darr

By FHP Intern, Katie Brownlee

When the pandemic hit the U.S, it hit us hard. Everything was shut down and people were ordered by their state governors to stay at home and not to leave unless it was essential. What was there to do if everyone had to stay home? I personally went on long walks around my neighborhood and did workouts outside to get some fresh air. As a college student at High Point University, I wanted to maintain the same level of activeness while enjoying the outdoors. Southwest Renewal Foundation is already ahead of us by funding and building the Heritage Greenway in Southwest High Point. The Heritage Greenway will be the perfect addition to the city of High Point, especially during this time where we are still encouraged to stay socially distant from everyone.

I had the honor to speak with Dorothy Darr who is the Executive Director of Southwest Renewal and she was able to provide great information about the foundation, Heritage Greenway and what to expect when the greenway is finished. The Southwest Renewal Foundation started in November 2011 and Dorothy has been with them almost from the beginning and started in January 2011. In the year 2012, Southwest Renewal Foundation became a non-profit and since then has worked on various amounts of projects around the High Point area. The foundation was a fiscal agent for two public art exhibitions in downtown High Point which featured seven granite and marble sculptures by local artist Chuck Foster, as well as four kinetic sculptures that are on permanent display in the Market District.

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