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Board of Directors


Bill Bencini
Chairman of the Board for FHP
Sales Representative
Why I became involved with FHP: "To serve in the effort to make downtown High Point a more livable and more prosperous community…a community of opportunity that retains and attracts talented young people!"
Heidi Majors
Vice Chair of the Board for FHP
Executive Director
Why I became involved with FHP: "I am excited about the revitalization, as it will provide a thriving gathering space for our community to enjoy our city and will attract new business and more visitors to the downtown area. The revitalization of High Point will have a positive impact on our economy and will help foster a greater sense of community!"
David Covington
Treasurer of FHP
Why I became involved with FHP: "If you would attain to what you are not yet, you must always be displeased by what you are. For where you are pleased with yourself there you will remain. ~ (St. Augustine of Hippo Northern Africa). High Point’s future is bright and will continue to thrive as long as its citizens keep on advancing to make it a better place for all."
Dr. Lenny Peters
Secretary for FHP
Why I became involved with FHP: "I want to give back to the city that has shaped myself and my family. I want to aid in downtown revitalization and make this city a location the citizens are proud of."

Board of Directors

Christi Barbour
Founder & Partner
Why I became involved with FHP: "I see a city filled with creative individuals who are impacting people around the world with their crafts and their products. High Point serves as the launch point for countless ideas that eventually find a home somewhere in the world, improving lives and bringing happiness. It’s the reason that the Market Square building has etched in its stone wall: A City With All The Eyes Of The World Upon It. That same energy and enthusiasm is happening here in the heart of High Point as we witness, first hand, this Renaissance of our city and I’m excited to be part of the narrative."
Randy Carda
Senior Vice President
Why I became involved with FHP: "I’ve lived in High Point longer than any one place in my life. It is my home. I am committed to enhancing my home, making it as good as it can be. Forward High Point gives me an avenue to accomplish that goal."
Rachel Moss Collins
Chief Operating Officer
Why I became involved with FHP: "I became involved with Forward High Point because of all the amazing revitalization and energy that is occuring in High Point. It is imperative that the tide that is rising lifts all boats in our community. I feel that Forward High Point plays a role in this success!"
Tony M. Collins
Chief Development Officer
Why I became involved with FHP: "INFLUENCER: As a Fourth Generation High Pointer serving as the Neighborhood Leaders Council representative on this board, I believe that it is vitally important to bring a Center-City destination for All residents to enjoy. Indeed, the Catalyst Project is that opportunity and the resulting rewards hopefully shared in community. “Embracing our City for Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Change” as we “Create the Single Most Livable, Safe and Prosperous City in America."
Sandy Dunbeck
Why I became involved with FHP: "High Point is moving “Forward” through the efforts of so many dedicated people. I believe that having a vibrant downtown is a key part of being a place where people want to live, work and play."
A. Doyle Early, Jr.
Why I became involved with FHP: "The stadium catalyst project is the best opportunity in decades to produce economic development in the core city. It is a great example of a public-private partnership that will produce long term benefits for all the citizens of High Point."
Greg Ferguson
Deputy City Manager
Why I became involved with FHP: "Downtown's are the heart of any city and I believe we must work diligently to make our downtown viable in all ways for a stronger economy."
Tasha Logan Ford
City Manager
Why I became involved with FHP: ""Downtown is the heartbeat of the community! I want to be part of setting the stage for our current and future residents to make memories, build businesses, and enjoy all our great city has to offer.""
Carlvena Foster
County Commissioner - District 1
Why I became involved with FHP: "As a native High Pointer, born, raised and educated, Forward High Point gives me the opportunity to bring a different perspective to the table based on my experiences and allows me to actively support exciting positive changes in our City that will promote equity, inclusion and prosperous futures for ALL citizens through strong, flexible connections, cultivating and moving High Point forward."
Dr. Patrick Harman
Executive Director
Why I became involved with FHP: "I believe in High Point. I know that brighter days are ahead for our city. I want to have a positive impact on this growth and being on the board of directors for Forward High Point is one of the best ways to achieve this goal."
Orel Henry
Why I became involved with FHP: ""When our family moved to High Point, we fell in love with the heart of the people and saw the spark and potential. Having the experience of moving from a large city with a revived downtown, I see High Point as being a place that is growing. Downtown is becoming a place where people would love to live, work, and enjoy life. After learning about the purpose of Forward High Point, I want to contribute and partner with others who are dedicated to making our city better for our community and our businesses.""
Barry Kitley
Director of Community Relations
Why I became involved with FHP: "It is a wonderful time to live and work in the city of High Point. Our community is poised for growth, and I am thankful for the dynamic leadership in our city government, business sector and community. There are wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for High Point. We don’t need to look far for inspiration with both a world-renowned furniture market and nationally ranked High Point University in our midst."
Jordan Lessard
Financial Advisor
Why I became involved with FHP: "I chose to join the efforts of Forward High Point in order to give back to the town that has given me so much. High Point has a rich history of Philanthropic leaders that have sacrificed time, capital, and energy in order to advance and better this town. I feel that my generation owes it to those leaders to step up and carry the torch that has been passed on to us. I cannot think of a more appropriate way to do so than to be a part of the incredible change that forward high Point is bringing to our town."
Paul Lessard
Why I became involved with FHP: "I believe in the future of High Point and want to do anything I can to ensure we move forward with boldness, equality, and opportunity!"
Michael E. McNair
Director for Community Development and Housing
Why I became involved with FHP: "This is an exciting opportunity to help bring High Point’s future to fruition."
Alex Moore
Senior Partner
Why I became involved with FHP: "I am excited to contribute to the growth and development of new opportunities within High Point. Forward High Point is an essential catalyst for change within our city and I intend to help the organization contribute to making the city a vibrant place to live, work, and play!"
Tammy C. Nagem
Why I became involved with FHP: "From the perspective of HPMA, FHP is an organization that is a perfect partner in growing both our city and the largest home furnishings tradeshow in the world. A vibrant city that offers a world class experience will allow us to welcome 75K people to downtown and further the economic impact for all our residents!"
Megan Oglesby
Executive Director
Why I became involved with FHP: ""The mission of Forward High Point is to transform Downtown High Point into an extraordinary and vibrant destination to live, work, study and play. One of the core areas of focus for the Earl and Kathryn Congdon Family Foundation where we hope to make a deep and lasting impact is supporting economic development for revitalization and stabilization. We believe strongly in strategic partnerships and collaboration, thus, our involvement with Forward High Point through Megan Oglesby’s position on the board supports both our mission and core beliefs.""
Monica Peters
Why I became involved with FHP: "I am passionate about core-city revitalization in High Point! We have so much potential and am honored to serve on Forward High Point's Board. I want to help keep the momentum going and to watch our downtown attract more professionals and families to call downtown High Point their home!"
Jay Wagner
Why I became involved with FHP: "A town is not a town without a downtown. Downtown is not just about what happens in buildings, but about city life that happens between buildings. I have a vision for our city where living in and visiting an exciting and vibrant downtown becomes a part of our lifestyle, and THAT is what Forward High Point is all about and is making happen."
Coy Williard
Why I became involved with FHP: "As chairman of the Rockers baseball team and Truist Point, we work hand-in-hand to improve the vitalization of Downtown High Point. Also, as a lifelong resident, I am interested in helping our city thrive."

Ex-Officio Members

Melody Burnett
Why I became involved with FHP: "Why I became involved with FHP: “A thriving visitor economy co-relates with visitors and locals recognizing our downtown as a destination point for authentic memorable High Point experiences. A vibrant downtown will open opportunity for all.”"
Sims Hinds
Vice President of Development
Why I became involved with FHP: "Why I became involved with FHP: "I fully appreciate the positive difference that downtown revitalization can have on a community. We need this for our High Point.""
Clark M. Pierce
Senior Partner
Why I became involved with FHP: "Why I became involved with FHP: "Having lived in High Point all my life, I have witnessed the steady decline of the core city. I am ready for a renewed vitality. I believe the stadium catalyst project gives us the best opportunity to achieve that renewal.""