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Julian Brittano - Moving into the Arts!

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Julian Brittano –  moving into the arts!

By FHP Intern, Katie Brownlee

Downtown High Point is known for the furniture market that we all know and love, but what if High Point was able to be transformed into movie and television sets? Can you picture all of the creative locations that could one day be put on national tv? This is the goal for Julian Brittano founder and creator of the Brittano group. As of now, the Brittano group has three different projects going on that are all based in High Point and are series pilots. A sneak peek into one of the series is about a retired pro athlete that decides to run a clinic.

This story line may sound familiar due to Mr. Brittano being a retired football player himself who played in an arena football league. His career has now shifted, and he is now focused on the arts and providing quality candidates for talent acquisitions. The Brittano group not only focuses on theatrical arts, but they showcase many other forms of art in order to get people’s names out there for them to be noticed and appreciated.

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