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Cork and Grind - "Great Wines, Smooth Coffees!"

Cork and Grindgreat wines, smooth coffees!

By FHP Intern, Katie Brownlee    


As local graduates of UNC-Greensboro, the married couple Maddy and Robby decided to open up their own place to create jobs that they both had a passion for and that includes wine and coffee, therefore; Cork and Grind opened up and have been welcoming customers for about two and half months. They have been COVID friendly by taking out half of the seating and thoroughly sanitizing everything. While I was there, I was able to get to know the owners and learn more about Cork and Grind.


Maddy and Robby loved meeting new people every day and wanted to make their pop-up events come to life and they soon bought a storefront off of Main Street in High Point. They chose this location because they wanted to give High Point residents the experience of a wine bar and have fun events with other local small businesses. The couple has created a space that is friendly and inviting for customers to enjoy their time while sipping on their tasty drinks.


Cork and Grind has been partnering up with other local businesses such as Kandy’s Custom Creations to showcase other businesses while also having their own special events for customers to try different wines and beers. One of their overall goals is to educate college students to wines and expand their palate to craft beers as well.


While I was there, I got to taste some of their top wines and coffees. The wines that I tried were Castellano Pinot Grigio, Hierogram Zinfandell and Castellano Per Te. For a light and easy wine that would go perfect for this type of summer weather, the Castellano Pinot Grigio would be the best one to pick out. If you like red wine better but don’t want it to be too dry, the Hierogram Zinfandell is the way to go with it being easy and soft. Lastly, my favorite was the Castellano Per Te which was a sparking red, but it had a good sweetness to it. A unique feature of the menus which I found very useful was a scale next to each wine they offer, and the scale shows how dry or sweet it is. Although they have great alcoholic beverages, their coffees are on a new level of greatness.


The coffees were so smooth, and you were able to tell that there was a lot of thought as to what goes into the specialty coffees. I was able to try the bourbon caramel maple latte and the chai latte as well. I am currently on a chai latte kick, and this was one of the best chai’s that I have had in a while! The spices of the chai were just enough, but not overpowering and for the bourbon caramel maple latte, all of the flavors just mixed so well together that I would be able to drink it every day if I could.


Overall, I had a great experience at Cork and Grind, and I am so thankful that I was able to try their great products. I am looking forward to the future events that they will be hosting and to see them grow as a business here in downtown High Point. You are able to check out their website at: or you can follow their social medias linked down below!


Instagram: CorkandGrind

Phone: 336.875.8661

Address: 1605 N Main Street, High Point, NC 27262