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COHAB Space--A New Form of Space

Downtown High Point is vastly growing into a fun and modern downtown where locals and visitors can explore new and upcoming places such as COHAB Space. COHAB Space holds a venue, art gallery showroom/store as well as a garden space for people to walk around or hang out in. The space is located on W English Road and is a very warm and welcoming environment.


I was able to learn more about the space and how it came about by speaking with Sandy Howell who is the general manager and partner of the business. Sandy first got into furniture and sales and moved her way over to show rooms and is currently on the business aspect of it all learning how to manage a business and staff successfully. Her day-to-day is always different which she loves because it keeps her on her feet, but Sandy’s days mostly consist of meetings and strategizing how to solve different problems around the office.


The whole idea of COHAB Space was to have a community come together that is open to the public where people can gather and either grab a cup of coffee with friends or take an art class or even just hang around and view the local artists' works from around the High Point area. This space is for like-minded people to come together and collaborate and enjoy each other's company.  Within the next couple years, COHAB Space is looking forward to the continuous growth of downtown High Point as they will continue to grow as business into the best that they can be.


COHAB Space is a new and fun place to visit if you haven’t already and is a perfect way to connect and see what all downtown has to offer. I’m personally excited to see what COHAB Space has to offer, and I hope you and your family or friends take a trip to see what it’s all about as well!


If you would like to learn more about COHAB Space here is their website!


For their social media’s the links are down below!