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Supporting Members

Forward High Point would like to thank all those members listed below that pledged their support to us in 2020-2021!  

Your contribution makes it possible for us to further our goals of making downtown High Point an extraordinary place to live, work, study and play.

Downtown Stakeholders

Ultra-Mek, Inc. - WS Bencini Family, LLC (Bill Bencini)*

Wyatt Early Harris Wheeler (Doyle Early)*

Downtown Leaders

Paddle South Brewery

Downtown Partners

David Covington*

Clark Pierce*

Business High Point (Patrick Chapin)*

Friends of Downtown

Christi Barbour*

Randy Carda*

Tom Conley*

Sandy Dunbeck*

Greg Ferguson*

Carlvena Foster*

Patrick Harman*

Barry Kitley*

Jordan Lessard*

Heidi Majors*

Randy McCaslin*

Mike McNair*

Dr. Lenny Peters*

Monica Peters*

Leah Price*

Jay Wagner*

* - denotes current FHP/FHPF Board Member


This page was updated on June 9, 2021