Oscars Fine Foods

Category: Downtown Highlights

By Ashton Keith

I once heard a Hank Williams song about carrying on family tradition, and that's exactly what Debbie Lockhart has managed to do here at Oscars Fine Foods. Opened up in 1961 by Oscar Ellington, it’s safe to say Oscars Fine Foods has been around for a while. Originally located at  427 South Wrenn Street, Oscars moved to 319 South Wrenn and was taken over by Oscar's daughter Debbie in 1987.

“Growing up here, this is all I’ve ever done,” said Debbie. “My daddy always had a restaurant.” Oscars is best known for its burgers, specifically the “Oscar Burger.” Burgers aren’t the only food Oscars specializes in; their menu has a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items that is sure to get you the best bang for your buck around town. “Why do I do it? Well, I guess I like being around people. This is what I’ve always done, so I reckon I enjoy it,” said Debbie after I asked why she stayed in the business. “I really do enjoy seeing people every day, you get to know some of the regulars, and I really like that.”

Even though the furniture business keeps scooping up surrounding properties and expanding more rapidly than ever, Debbie stated that Oscars Fine Foods is here too stay and has no intention of leaving. Oscars Fine Foods is open located on 319 South Wrenn Street, open 6am-3pm Monday-Thursday, 6am-2pm Friday, and closed on weekends. Last but not least, Oscars delivers! This means you can still enjoy the timeless taste of Oscars, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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