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Crushin' on the Orange at Plank Street Tavern!

Category Visiting our Downtown Stakeholders

Live music, open mic night and fundraisers are one of the many events that Plant Street Tavern hosts, and not to mention they make one of the best orange crush drinks that one could have. The new bar that is located on Church St. just opened its doors in August of 2019 and has been serving happy customers of all ages. Of course, you must be of legal drinking age to experience one of High Point’s new bars.
     Pam Hubay is the owner of Plank Street Tavern and has been able to watch the city of High Point really flourish into a great downtown.  She wanted to be part of the revitalization and put her bar in downtown.

Pam is the first bar owner to have her bar located in downtown and she is excited to see more businesses follow her lead to make High Point have the best downtown that it can offer.