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Be Where You Love To Be - Katie's interview with Christi Barbour

Category Visiting our Downtown Stakeholders


There are many designers here in High Point as we are the furniture and design capital of the world, but there is one design firm that is true to downtown High Point with one of the owners growing up in High Point. Christi Barbour is the co-owner of Barbour Spangle design and has made her mark within the city. Barbour started her own design firm in 1977 and has since partnered up with Christi Spangle in 2000 to create Barbour Spangle Design. Barbour Spangle Design is a design studio comprising commercial, residential and showroom design teams who have a strong culture and passion for our community, 20 years running.”


Barbour comes from a creative background as her mom was a trained artist. She had a passion for design but fell in love with showroom design. Before owning Barbour Spangle Design, Christi worked for a photography studio and then moved onto showroom and retail design. As I got to know Christi more, I learned that her days are very busy and consist of leading design visions for the company's future while also staying connected to the High Point community. Barbour loves what she does because it leaves a meaningful impact that goes beyond the beauty and aesthetics of the design.


As a former High Point University student, I can attest to this because Barbour Spangle Design was able to partner up with the university and help design communal spaces for students that included spaces that were in the building that I lived in. The Caffey residential building includes a full kitchen with many places to sit and eat with all your friends. My friend group would hold “Friendsgiving '' before going home for Thanksgiving. All of us would cook and eat in the kitchen together and I will never forget those memories because we were all able to not only fit in one space that wasn’t so cramped, but we were also able to have home cooked food which is hard to come by on a college campus.


Starting a design firm is not the easiest, but Christi had some words of wisdom to pass down to those who are passionate about design and would like to get into the design field. “Surround yourself with people who will challenge your thoughts and ideas, creating your own support system” Christi stated.


I am looking forward to seeing what Barbour Spangle Design newest ideas and showroom designs are.  They have a few things lined up such as the Culp Innovation Center and a new craft cocktail lounge located in downtown High Point. If you would like to learn more about their firm please click here for their website and if you would like to follow them on social media, please click here to view their Instagram!