Forward High Point, the non-profit, organized about 6 years ago to pursue the development of a downtown catalyst Project, as well as to promote and facilitate the revitalization of downtown High Point (beyond the Furniture District) is undertaking a renewed Strategic Planning process for the downtown area to lead the community’s efforts over the next year, 3-years, 5-years and beyond. 

As we firmly believe that downtown needs to be the heart of our community, a place that is welcoming to all our residents and visitors, we have tried to design a process that will allow everyone in our community an opportunity to give us your thoughts, ideas and visions for your downtown.  After identifying common themes and elements, we will once again ask the community what they believe should be our priorities.

Through this process, undertaken over the next several months, we hope to develop a VISION for downtown High Point that represents the best of our community and that majority can and will buy into.

For it is only then that we can start to take the steps to bring that Vision into Reality. It will be a step by step, year by year process, but hopefully we will have a map of where we are going that everyone can understand.